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Metal Detecting
Real World Techniques
Beach and
Swimming Hole

Presented by Thomas Dankowski

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The Front Cover of the Metal Detecting Real World Techniques Beach and Swimming Hole Hunting

Metal Detecting Real World Techniques:
Beach and Swimming Hole Hunting

The DVD features a scene selection menu to enable the viewer to quickly jump directly to a scene of interest. The selection menu makes this video more effective as a training reference resource. The video contains fifteen subject chapters, shot onsite at the beach or swimming hole, packed with technical data and demonstrations of techniques that will help you find more and better stuff!

Substantially increase your gold jewelry finds at fresh water lakes and salt water ocean beaches by increasing your metal detecting knowledge. Thomas J. Dankowski fully demonstrates fresh water 'swimming hole' hunting, ocean beach wet salt, dry sand and micro-jewelry hunting. You will fully hear the metal detectors audio reports and Thomas' narration. This video targets novice and professional jewelry hunters. Folks have asked for a longer video with greater technical detail. Mission accomplished! Twenty-six hours of video footage have been condensed down to one hour and fifty minutes of the most powerful educational 'unsuspecting' data for the full intent of exponentially increasing your gold jewelry finds. The best metal detector in the world means nearly nothing without proper technique!

This new video is over 110 minutes running time and features Real World training experiences at the beach and at fresh water swimming holes. At the beach, Thomas explains how interactions of waves and tides and the geophysical properties of the beach environment relate to metal detecting and the relationship between target density and sand density and how these factors effect target sink rates. He also explains the electrical and magnetic properties of targets and how salt water effects metal detector performance and why.

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Subject matter chapter titles include How Jewelry Gets Lost, Know What You're Looking For, Electromagnetic Properties, Tides and Stratification, Sink Rate and Supportive Sand, Real World Examples (with sub-chapters 1951 Class Ring, Wet Sand Wedding Band Sinking and Well Defined Stratification Troughs), Spanish Treasure, Trash to Treasure Ratio and Water Hunting, Coil Size and Sweep, Wet Slope Hunting, Micro Jewelry Hunting and Fresh Water Swimming Hole Hunting.

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This video is sure to increase the metal detecting skills of both novice and expert detectorists alike, making metal detecting hunts more successful and more enjoyable. Thomas has spent thousands of hours on the beach and at fresh water swimming holes perfecting his metal detecting techniques and has logged volumes of data related to his metal detecting experiences. Thomas shares this knowledge in this video. Take advantage of his knowledge and skills to find more and better stuff!

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Front cover of the Beach and Swimming Hole 
Hunting Video

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