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Dreams Dug

By: Thomas J. Dankowski
August 2012.
A double struck coin

There are several things that can make a coin rare/valuable. This photo gallery, exclusively on, shows examples of criteria that makes seemingly mediocre coins valuable.

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Dreams Dug

When ADJUSTABLE Iron Discrimination is Paramount

By: Thomas Dankowski
January 2011.
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous on a Strong Magnet

This article, by Thomas Dankowski exclusively for, explores the criticality of ADJUSTABLE iron discrimination when confronted with metal objects that consist of both ferrous and non-ferrous elements. Numerous 'Real World' examples are displayed of how non-ferrous metals can become 'fused' with ferrous trash and cause desirable targets to be missed. This article further explains where High Resolution Iron Discrimination, where you can adjust HOW MUCH iron is to be discriminated, is of extreme importance.

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When ADJUSTABLE Iron Discrimination is Paramount

Fort Meade, Florida

Third Seminole Indian War
Archaeological Metal Detecting Project

Fort Meade Case

This article presents the discoveries from the Fort Meade, Florida Archaeological Metal Detecting Project conducted by Thomas Dankowski. This compilation presents the most accurate datum, from a scientific approach in the form of hard evidence (actual relics), to paint a picture of the lifestyle of an era and an area. This article features numerous images of relics found with explanations of their historical relevance. An interesting article that demonstrates how metal detectors can be used as archeological tools.

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Fort Meade Florida Archaeological Metal Detecting Project

The Painful Truth

By: Thomas Dankowski
Drafted April 16, 2009
The Painful Truth

After finding a gold coin at a metal detecting site, Thomas Dankowski undertook an unprecedented endeavor by excavating an area and removing all ferrous target-masking items to document the amount of non-ferrous targets that were masked. The results were astonishing, but painful.


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Head-To-Head Comparison Testing

By: Thomas Dankowski
2009 GSBS

A head-to-head comparison is VERY difficult to perform. Absolutely ALL variables must be removed if any form of validity is to be ascertained. The slightest changing variable can completely void the test. This article explains the parameters and conditions that must be considered and how to turn these variables into constants. By keeping an open mind, avoiding pre-conceived bias and using this knowledge you can increase your volume of "keeper" finds!!!

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Hunt Wisely!

By: Thomas Dankowski

The Pull Tab! Introduced in 1962

Now that the video is complete, I have more time to write articles. I have just finished an article that I submitted to Fisher Research Laboratory for inclusion in their Fisher Intelligence Fifth edition.   This article concerns research I performed a few years ago in trying to determine the depth of the 1962 dirt strata.   1962 is the year when the metal detectorists' worst nightmare was introduced, the pull-tab.   I think you might find this article interesting.   Knowing the depth of the 1962 dirt strata can help you make better decisions on which targets to dig so that you will recover better, older stuff.

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The Most Impressive Find, Missed

By: Walter Shivel
Three coins: 1 Dime, 1 penny, and a penny shaved to the size of a dime

During the video shoot for the Inland Coin and Relic Hunting DVD, we captured a lot of really great finds on video, but we missed what I considered to be the most impressive find. This article tells the story of this truly amazing find, missed.


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Thomas Dankowski

Thomas Dankowski teaching at a seminar


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